Hello Baby

I'm always so overjoyed when I'm asked to capture the beautiful moments of being a family. Never more so than when it's for first time parents as I know how priceless those memories of your first few weeks as a new family are. One of the things i regret as a parent is never getting newborn photos of my two babies soon after welcoming them into our family. Ironic that I'm a family photographer right?!

When Laura and Martin got in touch they were looking to capture the details of their new son Alfie. "But just Alfie please" Laura said. I get it. New Mum. Tired and not feeling your best. Add to that, we'd just been released from lockdown, so no hairdresser appointments were available for love nor money! But, I always encourage parents to be in the photos as I know how many regret the decision not to. I promised Laura, I'd focus on Alfie and only capture them in a very flattering way. And I'm so pleased that she was comfortable with this suggestion.

Their session was just perfect and Alfie was a little star. Capturing him as a tiny newborn, as well as the love from his adoring parents will be something they treasure for a long time to come.