Secrets to a Successful Family Photoshoot

Booking a family photoshoot is an exciting time, and once you've found the right photographer, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the prep was done and you can happily sit back and wait for your session to arrive. If you want some nice images of your family, then sure, this can be what happens. But if you want some WOW images of your family, photos that make you look twice, the ones where you can actually feel the love and excitement bubbling away when you look at them, then there are a few little known things you need to know about.

The key to a successful, relaxed and fun photoshoot, is down to the following secrets...

1. Style of photography

My style of photography is all about capturing love and connection between families. Unposed, authentic moments of your beautiful life. I don't want you to look at the camera and say cheese. I want you to forget I'm there. Immerse yourself in that very moment with your family and have fun.

Every session begins with me explaining how it all works, including asking clients not to look at me unless I prompt them to. Capturing love and connection won't happen unless you are looking at and connected to the ones you love.

2. Time of Day

Possibly the most important piece of advice is what time to have your session. In photography there is such a thing as good and bad light and it all depends on the intensity and direction of the sun - the light source for your photos. We want this light source to be soft and golden - better known as "Golden Hour". This is the very best light for most photography, especially portraiture, and falls an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset.

These times change throughout the year. In winter, this hour could start around 3pm, whereas in summer it's more like 9pm. Early morning sessions might fall at 4am in summer and 8am in winter. So consider the ages of your children when booking a golden hour photoshoot. If they cope well with the odd late night then summer would work great, but opt for spring or autumn if they'd prefer an earlier bedtime.