SleekLens Lightroom Presets Review

Editing images is one of my favourite parts of being a photographer, so when I was recently asked to review some new all singing all dancing Lightroom presets, I was like "er... yeah! Absolutely!"

The fabulous people at SleekLens whizzed over a set of their Strike a Pose Workflow Lightroom Presets and Brushes and i'm not kidding when I say you get a lot in this package. There are brushes galore which are perfect for portrait photography, and the presets vary from being all in one edits to a more selective workflow, where you can create your own recipe and create something more unique for your finished edit. As well as the 62 brushes and 69 presets (I told you, you get a lot!) you also receive full instructions on how to install them which is super easy, and a recipe list to help you get the look you want. 

One of the first things I noticed was how easy they were to use. You can just quickly choose the preset you want and wham, edited in seconds! One of the best things about using these in Lightroom is being able to use the Navigator window to preview the presets before selecting. There are so many presets that, at first, it's hard to know which ones you prefer or which ones suit your editing style, so hovering over the presets before selecting gives you an instant preview and from here you can make your choice. 

So, anyway. Enough chatting. Let's see some of the good stuff!!

My first edit was using one of my daughter from our recent fairy shoot. As you can see this hasn't been edited at all and is straight out of camera so quite flat.

For the edit I used All in One - Velvet Paisley which has made those colours pop! It's added some much needed contrast and lifted those shadows on my daughter, creating a beautiful glow in the skin tones and hair. I then added a Vignette - Black Heavy to highlight her even more and create a more magical, fairy feel.

My second edit was another from the same photo shoot but i wanted to show how more than one preset can apply to similar lighting and colours.