Capturing love on camera

I'm often asked how I capture those special loving moments on camera. The truth is that it's not really about what I do behind the lens. It's more about what my subjects do in front of it. Of course I give some direction and advise during a shoot, but this is mainly to ensure I have the best light, composition and environment or backdrop. The rest of the time I'm concentrating on exposure, focal points and making my families feel at ease. And I think it's this last point that I have really found to be the key to capturing those true, loving moments. The more families relax with me, the more I get back from them and the more I can capture "on film". And I love it when families allow themselves to open up, because their reactions when they see the finished result... priceless.

This slideshow is the result of a recent session I had with Toria and her daughter Rose.

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